Alumnus Jay Fleming Partners on Website

Sunday, December 9, 2018

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis recently welcomed alumnus Jay Fleming, Class of 2001, back to campus. Fleming, a talented commercial, editorial, and portrait photographer, partnered with the school to provide modern photographs that exemplify the school's mission. These photographs will be introduced at the launch of the school's new website. Jay had this to say about this recent experience, "Nearly 17 years after graduating from St. Anne's School, I was presented with an opportunity to work with the school in a professional capacity. I was approached by the communications department to help provide the school with photography that would exemplify the school's mission and the student body. This assignment took me back to some of the same classrooms of my youth and reunited me with teachers who had taught me in both lower and middle school. It was incredibly rewarding to see some of my favorite teachers in the same classrooms where they were over a decade ago. The faculty's dedication to education was not something that I fully understood or appreciated when I was at St. Anne's School. Going back and observing the faculty at work as an adult gave me a much better understanding of how dedicated these individuals are to enriching the lives of the next generation. I am looking forward to furthering my involvement with the St. Anne's School community through my photography."

Many Marylanders will recognize the work of Jay Fleming through his documentation of the Chesapeake Bay and the environment. Jay and his work have been featured in numerous publications, most recently including the cover of Chesapeake Bay magazine, October 2018. His book, Working on the Water, was published in 2016 and is a visual narrative of individuals whose livelihood is dependent on the Chesapeake Bay. Jay also has an ongoing exhibit at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Learn more about the work of Jay Fleming by visiting Jay Fleming Photography online.