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Our Advantage

Our Advantage

In addition to our faculty and staff, what also makes St. Anne's School truly distinct is the connection we have with our students and families, our artful approach to education, and our socio-economic diversity.

We have a welcoming environment.

Welcoming faces, warm greetings, unexpected hugs, attentiveness, and security, these are the things that make St. Anne's School unique. Our students feel at home throughout the campus. They feel like they matter and that they belong. This connectedness is the thread that runs throughout our tight-knit school community.

We offer leading-edge, research-based curriculum that inspires.

Our talented educators teach in a way that stimulates intellectual wonder. We encourage even our youngest students to become researchers and as a result, they are eager to engage in the learning process. Our curriculum stems from current studies and practices that have been validated through rigorous research on how children, ages two through fourteen develop and learn.

We embrace diversity.

As an Episcopal school, our diverse culture is intentional. We believe the best way to prepare our students to participate in a global society is to foster mutual respect and an understanding of differences. Diversity makes our learning community stronger.