Ways of Giving

Ways of Giving

There are many ways to support St. Anne’s School of Annapolis.

“As a long time parent at St. Anne’s, the school has been the recipient of our time, talent and treasure. Each year, as I watch my boys grow and develop into mature thinkers, kind listeners and compassionate young men, the more I want to give back to the school. We are so grateful for the many gifts the school has given our entire family; it is our privilege to give back.”  – Haley Scott DeMaria, Alumni Parent of James ‘16 and Edward ’18


We encourage all of our donors to consider maximizing their donation by making a pledged gift. A pledge can we paid over a period of time and allows donors more flexibility to make their generous commitment. To make a pledge, please email our Development Office or call 410-263-8650.

Check or Cash

Cash gifts have an immediate impact and offer the donor a tax charitable deduction. All checks can we made out to St. Anne’s School of Annapolis and can be mailed to:

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis
3112 Arundel on the Bay Road
Annapolis, MD 21403

Credit Card

Donors can make a gift with a credit card on our Giving page or over the phone. Call 410-263-8650 and ask to be connected to our Development Office.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many corporations offer a matching gift program for their employees' contributions to non-profit organizations such as St. Anne's School. You may contact your company's personnel or Human Resources office to obtain matching gift procedures and forms. Please enclose those forms when sending your gift to the school. You will be credited for the amount of your donation plus the amount of the match.


Non-monetary gifts, such as books for the library, services and equipment, as well as items and services for our Annual Gala, are welcome and appreciated.

Stock Gifts

Maximize your giving to St. Anne's School with a gift of stock today!

As the stock market remains high it is worth highlighting the attractiveness of donating appreciated securities for charitable contributions such as St. Anne's School annual fund.

While every family's tax and personal situations are unique, we want to provide a simple example to illustrate the power of donating appreciated securities for a family in a high tax bracket.

Let's assume a $10,000 donation of stock that had appreciated by 100% (i.e. original investment was $5,000) from a family with a marginal tax rate of 40% (would be higher if you include state tax but using 40% for simplicity).

While the school receives the full $10,000 donation, the after-tax cost for the family is much lower especially if you consider what their after-tax proceeds would have been if they simply sold the security.

In this case, the family will receive a tax refund worth 40% of the $10,000 or $4,000. As a result, their simple after-tax cost would be $6,000.

Further consider that to realize that investment, the family will ultimately have to pay tax on the embedded gain if this is a security they will ultimately sell.

Assuming a 25% tax rate (LT capital gain) on the $5,000 gain would have resulted in a $1,250 capital gains tax, reducing the $10,000 to $8,750 on an after-tax basis.

As a result, the net after-tax cost to the family from donating $10,000 was actually $8,750-$4,000 (refund) or $4,750 when considering the tax on the embedded gain (that will have to be paid if the security is ever sold) resulting in a compelling ratio of >2:1x (you give 1 after-tax and the school gets 2).

The most extreme example (less common but very plausible) would be a security with a near zero basis (e.g. certain stock options (ISOs) result in this tax treatment), where selling would incur a short-term gain (~40% tax rate). In this scenario, a $10,000 donation would effectively cost the family (using same logic above) $2,000 for an incredible 5:1x ratio.

Everyone's situation is different but the important takeaway away is that donating securities that have significantly appreciated (particularly if you are in a high tax bracket and are likely to sell the security at some point) is an extremely effective and impactful way to donate to St. Anne's School.

The annual fund is a critical component of the operating budget of the school. 

If you are in the position to do so, we ask that you consider a meaningful gift to the St. Anne's annual fund as you go through your end of year tax planning. In many cases, using appreciated securities instead of cash can significantly amplify your gift on an after-tax basis.

Please contact Lydia Leftwich at UBS at lydia.leftwich@ubs.com or 202.585.4032 to transfer gifts of stock, and notify the Development Office.