research-supported learning at each stage

The St. Anne’s School model provides challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment with teacher support every step of the way. Students engage in age-appropriate activities and learning, avoiding the social and academic pressures the presence of high school students may bring.

Program for Young Children

Annapolis Twos • Preschool • Prekindergarten

Based on the renowned educational approach of Preschools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, our program:

  • Addresses social, academic, emotional, and physical development;
  • Emphasizes family and societal influences;
  • Works in a small student-teacher ratio; and
  • Encourages close collaboration among administrators and teachers.

Lower School

First–Fourth Grades

Using the Project Approach, our students:

  • Participate in an in-depth study of a topic;
  • Conduct hands-on research and are involved in firsthand explorations;
  • Reflect upon the learning in progress;
  • See the classroom as the “third teacher;” and
  • Respect and listen to their peers’ theories.

Middle School

Fifth–Eighth Grades

Beyond rigorous academics, exploratory learning, critical thinking skill development, and year-round service learning, our Middle School program offers:

  • Individualized high school placement;
  • A daily advisory program to set long- and short-term goals;
  • Age-appropriate life skills curriculum; and
  • A state-of-the-art Design Lab.

High School and Beyond

Find the Right Fit

An education from St. Anne’s School carries weight, especially when it comes to high school placement. The most competitive schools seek out our graduates because they have a reputation of making their community stronger. Working alongside the Director of Upper School Placement, our students have been accepted to over 77 top public and private high schools. Of our graduates that are currently in college, 78% have a STEM-focused major.