st. anne's school experience

We’re a small school with global impact, a student body of compassionate hearts and fearless ideas, and a community that cares now about the future. Our students and their teachers are lifelong learners, and their reach extends far beyond the walls of St. Anne’s School. In our far-reaching learning environment, we provide an unforgettable educational experience for our students that inspire them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Mission Statement: St. Anne’s School of Annapolis invests in the intellectual and spiritual promise of each student in a community that celebrates diversity and upholds the dignity of every human being. We challenge students to think critically and creatively, to know themselves as learners, and to govern their lives with confidence, compassion, and integrity.

As a school, we:

  • Believe in our students. We have confidence our students are capable and strong, bringing unique attributes, natural curiosity, and great promise to their learning.
  • Challenge our students. We encourage our students to understand themselves as learners and develop the skills needed for reflective, critical thinking while helping foster the resilience needed to face failure and adversity.
  • Offer a supportive environment. We maintain an environment where students feel known and included.
  • Inspire lifelong learning. We encourage students to take the intellectual risks required for academic and personal success and help them pursue focused passions that inspire lifelong learning.
  • Value our educators. Our educators are experts in their field and possess a passion for research-based teaching and reflective learning, and for these reasons and more, they are respected, rewarded, and retained. We have an excellent retention rate and on average each educator remains with us for over 10 years.
  • Educate the whole student. We understand and foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of our students.
  • Cultivate each child’s natural talents. We promote the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers in order to build a tightly knit community that cultivates the unique gifts of each child.
  • Are guided by Episcopal principles. In the Episcopal tradition, our program cultivates intellectual discipline, reason, and wonder, as students learn to govern oneself and build a life of purpose.