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Middle School

Middle School

Exploratory learning, critical thinking, and problem solving are the cornerstones to our Middle School Program. Through the study of Language & Literature, Individuals & Societies, Science, Mathematics, Spanish, Art, Music, Design, and Physical Education, we teach students the skills to ask essential questions, to be savvy consumers of research, and apply knowledge in new situations. To complement the academics, our robust advisory program, life skills curriculum, and service learning instill in students self-discipline, respect, responsibility, and leadership skills.

Advisory and Constellations 
Each morning students meet in small groups, either with grade-level classmates in advisory or in inter-grade level constellations. Advisory provides a structure to support healthy, inclusive communication and relationship building. Students formulate hopes and dreams during advisory and set goals to reach them with the help of their Advisors. 

Life Skills 
The life skills program provides students with pertinent information on subjects such as human sexuality, drugs and alcohol, friendships, and other age- and grade-appropriate topics. Students have an opportunity to discuss these topics within a caring environment and receive guidance on many issues and choices that emerge in adolescence. 

Service Learning 
Year-round service learning projects are an important extension of our academic program that instills the values of service to the community, sharing and working for the common good. 

Secondary School Placement 
A distinct aspect of our Middle School Program is our ability to successfully guide each student toward a high school that will continue to challenge them academically, inspire their interests, and encourage them to be impactful within the community. We strongly believe our success is based on truly understanding and appreciating each student’s unique personality and individual strengths. By time our students reach the 8th Grade, they are capable, confident learners, and socially prepared for high school.