signature programs

Buddy Program

A long-standing tradition, students forge friendships across grade levels, enhancing the sense of community during buddy time.


Children communicate with their eyes, expressions, and gestures, and they have an innate desire to connect with each other. Camminata is a time for our youngest learners to share observations and ideas with peers and engage in a collaborative process as they navigate various activity stations, together.

Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project, or “Beliefs in Action,” is a year-long, interdisciplinary project taught jointly through Individuals and Societies, Language and Literature, Seminar, and Art. It includes many different components that span the students’ entire final year at St. Anne’s School and represents the fruit of many months of hard work, reflection, research, and service to the community. Each student writes a research paper based on their area of interest, develops a creative expression of their beliefs, and writes a “This I Believe” essay.